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Q. Can I get a discount for buying multiple pieces? 
A. Yes. Please email me with the list of pieces you intend to purchase and I will send you a discount code.
Q. Is the frame included in the price? 
A. Yes. All prices include the frame. We offer hand welded frames on our larger pieces. The 24x24 inch maps are only offered in wood.  
Q. Can I pick up the art at your studio and save the shipping cost? 
A. Yes. My studio is in Greektown, Baltimore MD, but it is not a storefront - all pickups are made by appointment via email. 

Q. Do you make custom pieces? 
A. Sometimes. I am particular about what jobs I take on. Feel free to send an email with your request
Q. The screen print I want is sold out. Will it become available again? 
A. All of my prints are limited editions. When the edition sells out, that specific design will never be printed again. I will, however, usually make a new and unique design of the same/similar subject, so check back if I run out of the one you like.

Q. I like the print but not the colors, can you change them for me? 
A. No, I suggest you contact me about a custom print instead. 

If you still have not found the answer to your question please feel free to contact me at or 443.845.6001. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

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